To ensure that your well-loved CYDWOQ shoes continue to deliver maximum enjoyment, we also offer the following repair services:


Replace heel rubbers - $35

Replace heel + sole rubbers - $50                                      Domestic Ship add $10

Replace wood/plastic heels - $55                                       International Ship add $40

Replace entire outsole - $85

Adding front rubber - $35

Re-gluing - $10

Re-Stitching - email for a quote


We always recommend getting your CYDWOQs repaired as soon as you see any sign of significant wear and tear.  Such wear and tear can happen in one month or in three years, depending on how often you wear your shoes, and in what conditions you wear your shoes. 

Keeping shoes clean can extend the lifespan exponentially; routine maintenance is key!


CYDWOQ cannot accept shoes that are:

  • >Worn past the point of repair
  • >Saturated with moisture on the insole or upper leather
  • >Dirty with mud, grass, or any other other foreign matter on the outsole
  • >Previously repaired by other cobblers
  • >Purchased through any retailer other than CYDWOQ (some exceptions are valid)


Please complete and submit the form below, or download this Repair Form and send it, along with a picture of your shoes, to  A CYDWOQ representative will get back to you within 2 business days of receiving your email with an approval and information on how to forward shoes.


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What does CYDWOQ consider “worn past the point of repair”?
Any shoe that has been worn heavily and shows extreme wear and tear will not be accepted for repair. While all our shoes can be sustained through repairs over the years, eventually all our shoes will reach the point of no return. We have attached a picture of an acceptable repair and one that would be unacceptable. For further inquiries into your specific case, please email us.

What does a shoe look like if it’s saturated with moisture on the insole/upper leather?
Below is a picture of a shoe that has been saturated with moisture on the insole and upper leather. It is most noticeable by cracks and “swelling” in the insole, and darkened lining on the upper portion of the leather. For further inquiries into your specific case, please email us.

What is a heel rubber replacement?
For shoes and sandals with only one heel rubber, replacing the round rubber on the heel is possible after signs of wear. Below is a picture of a shoe that is a prime candidate for heel rubber replacement.

What is a heel + sole rubber replacement?
For shoes and sandals with a heel and front rubber, replacing the rubber on the heel and front of shoe is possible after signs of wear. Below are pictures of shoes that are prime candidates for heel + front/full rubber replacement.

Can I replace my plastic heels with wood ones, and vice versa?
Yes, you can change the type of heel on your shoe, as long as you notify us ahead of time. Types of heels available for swapping depend on the height of the original heel. For instance, you cannot change a one inch heel to a two inch heel, or a two inch heel to a one inch heel.

What does adding a front rubber look like?
In order to hide signs of wear and tear, in addition to preserving the life of your shoes, a front rubber can be added to the front portion of a previously “rubber-less” shoe. Below is an example of one such shoe.

How do I know when my shoe needs to be re-glued?
If your shoe starts to separate, your shoe will need to be reglued. This separation can happen if moisture seeps into the shoe and is not allowed to dry properly before wearing. Below is an example of a shoe in need of re-gluing.

How do I pay for my repairs?
You can pay for repairs by sending a check or by credit card (info will be taken over the phone). If you wish to pay with cash, please enclose the cash in a closed envelope.

What do I do if the bottom of my shoe has a hole in it?
If your shoe has a hole in the BOTTOM-MOST layer, we can easily fix it by adding rubber. If your shoe has a hole in BOTH layers of the leather, you will need to contact us to see if reparations are possible.

What do I do if the metal shank is beginning to protrude through the bottom of my shoe?
If the metal shank is visible on the bottom of your shoe, you will need to contact us to see if your shoe is able to withstand a change of outsole.

What do I do if the upper portion of the leather is starting to get damaged?
Once the upper portion of the leather is worn into, there is nothing we can do to repair it. At some point, all of our shoes will be past the point of repair, but keeping the upper portion clean and damage free is the most important part of sustaining the life of your CYDWOQs.

How do I clean my shoes before sending them in to be repaired?
All of our shoes can be cleaned with soap and water, or disinfectant wipes. Please note that we will NOT accept shoes that are dirty, so be sure to clean your shoes before you send them in to avoid a package refusal.

How do I package my shoes to be repaired?
You are free to package your shoes in any box you’d prefer, and send via any carrier. In the box you must have the repair form with all your information filled out and an RA number written somewhere visible on the outside of the box.

Do I need an RA number to return my shoes?
Although previously we did not need RA numbers, we DO require RA’s as of July 1st, 2016. You will receive this RA number only AFTER you have sent in your repair form and picture to Sending in a shoe without an RA will result in a package refusal.

How long will it take for my shoes to be repaired?
All of our shoes are made and repaired in the same location, and as a result, this can sometimes cause delays in repair times. We strive to get shoes repaired in a timely fashion but the time frame ranges from 1-4 weeks depending what is being repaired.

How can I check on the status of my repairs?
You can check on the status of your shoe repair by emailing



All CYDWOQ shoes, bags, and belts are made to order in our factory in Burbank, California.  We do not stock full-priced products so your ordered item(s) will be made specifically for you. Orders take approximately two weeks to be completed, plus additional shipping time.  Adjustments can be made FREE OF CHARGE to your order if you are not fully satisfied with the fit, as long as the adjustments are PRE-APPROVED by CYDWOQ (contact us at or call us to get pre-approval).  If you have any specific instructions (wide or narrow foot, high instep, calves with specific measurements, unusual toe sizes, etc.) please email as soon as you place your order. Shoes made to non-standard specifications (i.e. two different shoe sizes, irregular measurements and requests, or alteration of model shoe sample) can be adjusted, but are FINAL SALE and non-refundable.  Every effort will be made to give you the perfect fit but in the event that you need to return your shoes we will either issue you a store credit for the full amount or refund your purchase price (excluding shipping) minus a 20% restocking fee per item (July 2016). Shoes must be unworn and have no visible damage to be accepted for a return or exchange.  You may be charged an extra fee upon return if there is damage to the soles of the shoes. Returns and Exchanges will only be accepted within 30 DAYS of receiving your order--no exceptions.

Final Sale Items from the Specials section online can be exchanged for other final sale items, and can be returned for store credit, but cannot be returned for money back to the card--no exceptions. You have 30 days after receiving your order to request any of these options.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You agree to be responsible for any customs or Value-Added Tax (“VAT”) charges incurred in shipping internationally. You agree that your purchase from the Site is your own initiative and you are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, such as United States export or re-export control laws and regulations and local laws applicable to you. CYDWOQ makes no representations that the item(s) purchased is appropriate or available for use in all locations, and access to it from territories where their contents are illegal is prohibited.
If the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions and then refuses to pay duties and taxes which results in the shipment being sent back to the Burbank, CA factory, the customer will be charged the full amount of the return shipment.  International returns and exchanges can be made with the approval of a CYDWOQ employee--email for more information.  Please note that in the event that an international order is returned or refunded, the customer will pay for shipping back to us, unless otherwise stated. 

CYDWOQ shoes are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, but despite the nature of our products, some people still have reactions to entirely natural substances.  While these reactions are extremely rare and unlikely, CYDWOQ does not take responsibility for any allergies or reactions caused by our products.