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How does your sizing compare to other brands like Birkenstocks, Toms, or Nike?

While other companies provide these types of sizing comparisons, CYDWOQ has found that our sizing is best compared to the US size.  For women, we have sizes US 5 - US 12 reflected by CYDWOQ sizes 35 - 42.  For men, we have sizes US 7 - US 14 reflected by CYDWOQ sizes 40 - 47.  For a full side-by-side comparison, please refer to the chart below.

 US WOMEN :                                        US MEN :

How long will it take for my order to be shipped/What's the status of my order?

All full priced orders take approximately four to six weeks to be completed due to COVID-19 CDC restrictions.  Items purchased from the STOCK section will ship out 2 - 4 business days after the order is placed.  Customers will receive email notification of shipment and tracking information to the email address provided on their order.

Is the Burbank, CA location open to the public? Is it a retail store or just a factory?

Yes, our Burbank location is open to the public on weekdays from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.  All CYDWOQs sold across the globe originate in our Burbank, CA factory; additionally we have an attached showroom with samples of all our styles, and a stock room with limited inventory for same-day purchase. 

I need these shoes for an event--can I ask for my order to be completed sooner than the average two weeks?

While CYDWOQ will always try to accommodate our customer's needs, we ask that customers respect our policy and place orders at least three weeks before the date of an event or travel.  If you need your order to ship before the standard two weeks, you may be subject to an additional charge.  Customer service representatives are always available to answer questions of this nature, so please call or email if you need shoes sooner than the estimated delivery date.

Can I request a different leather than the one pictured on the product page?

Yes--all full-priced orders can be customized for leather color.  To request a different color than what is pictured on the product page, click the "additional options: click here" button underneath the size options.  Once the textbox appears, you can write your request for a different leather.  If we don't have the leather color you want, we will contact you for substitution options.

Is high instep the same thing as high arches?

No! High arches refer to the bottom of the foot, while instep refers to the top of your foot.

What will be different about my shoes if I order Wide Fit?

Ordering Wide Fit lets us know that your toe box is wider than average.  To accommodate for larger toe boxes, we only adjust the upper layer of the shoe for extra room.  Please note that ordering a Wide Fit does NOT mean the footbed of your shoes will be wider--width of shoe, sandal, and boot footbeds will always remain constant.

I've heard that CYDWOQ shoes will "mold to my feet", what does this mean?

All CYDWOQs are made with natural, vegetable-tanned leather insoles/outsoles.  This dying process results in pliable leather that will literally mold to your feet, much like memory foam or gel inserts.  Our shoes are known to become more comfortable as they age.  Additionally, the upper layer of leather will stretch and mold to accommodate small bunions, wider toe boxes, and other small difference in foot shape.  

I don't know my true US size, can I submit a drawing of my foot so you can determine what size I should get?

CYDWOQ highly discourages submitting drawings/tracings of feet, as this can often lead to incorrect sizing.  The best way to find your true US size is to go to your local shoe store and have someone measure your foot correctly.  Once you have this measurement, we can help you decide what size to order.

My CYDWOQ shoes fit, but they're a little uncomfortable in one or more areas, what can I do about this?

Most areas of discomfort on a new pair of CYDWOQs can be remedied by either stretching or "molding" the shoe as needed; for example, if an area on the footbed is causing discomfort, you can use your fingers to strongly press down the area that is hurting.  Most times, using your fingers or hands to stretch/mold the shoes will be enough, but we are always here to assist you further if necessary.

Can I have a shoe made from my own design?

While we consider ourselves to be a custom leather shoe store, we are not able to make a shoe based on customer designs.  Our designer works tirelessly to create beautiful, unique, and structurally sound styles! If you are interested in slightly altering the design of a shoe, please contact us and we will let you know if it is possible.

Can you send me a physical sample of a leather?

We do not send physical samples of our leathers to customers, but we are more than happy to send photos of leathers via email.

What mail courier does CYDWOQ use?

CYDWOQ ships most orders through USPS.  Some international orders may be sent FedEx, depending on cost of shipping.  Repairs/Exchanges are generally sent out through USPS, unless otherwise directed by the customer.